Some of my favorite sources of information & guidance: – Run by Dr. Greger, this is a science-based website filled with endless fact-based information on health and diet. It takes the guess work out of everything. He’s also the author of a book I highly recommend, titled How Not To Die

How Not To Die (I recommend listening to the audio book) – Trailer for the book can be found here:

Mr. & Mrs. Vegan – Google them and check out their WSLF (Whole Starch Low Fat) recipe e-book, their Youtube videos and their Tumblr where they answer any and every question you could ever have about eating vegan.

Mic the Vegan – Youtuber that gathers & breaks down scientific studies into bite size, enlightening and entertaining videos:

Loni Jane – Plant based mama with great inspiration for adopting this lifestyle. You can find her Instagram account and ebook here: